Residential Water Heater Safety in Denver Co

Residential Water Heater Safety in Denver Co

Protecting Your Home from Wildfires in Denver Colorado


Water heaters are a need nowadays. These heaters have eased our lives to quite some extent. But these heaters have also proved to be fatal for the people. Heaters have been involved in provoking a fire in many places; That has resulted in the death of both people and animals. We do not usually think about this aspect of association with water heaters. We ignore the fact that heaters can be fire igniters too.  We must be well aware of the danger water heaters pose and must not delay in taking important measures to ensure the wellness of our families, associates, and neighbors. Many people have lost their lives to wildfires in unimaginable ways. Regular checkups of the appliances can save the lives of many. Water heaters in Denver and other places only take a call to be inspected, repaired, or replaced. We must not risk the lives of our families just to save a few dollars.

Could a hot water heater fire happen here?

The rocky fire is a famous fire incident that took place in Lake country, CA, which resulted in a catastrophic and bloody situation. The wildfire ate away 70,000 acres of land. 43 homes were completely destroyed. Many people lost their lives and all this only occurred because of a faulty water heater. Such huge wildfires can come to happen when you do not get the appliances checked timely. We must always ensure that all the appliances are working well and their health is fine. Therefore, checkups for the appliances must take place every month or every few months. 

Summers are the days when possibilities of such fires are at their peak. These are the days when you should be more vigilant about the faults in water heaters. 

Existing Hot Water Heater Fire Risks

The fire may not be easy to control, but the reasons that result in such wildfires can easily be traced and remedied. So that they do not lead to a catastrophe. 

  • Ventilation- Free and proper household airflow matters. Adverse negative air pressure can create a potentially flammable situation with a gas water heater.
  • Combustibles- keep flammable items away from your water heater, and leave space around it without any clutter or debris. These can fuel a fire quickly.
  • Disaster-Proof- California earthquakes happen with some regularity. Be sure to have your water heater properly strapped.
  • Covers & Valves- Covers should always be kept in place and fitted properly. Valves should be working correctly and not leaking, cracked, or worn. Testing pressure relief valves is important.
  • Improper or Damaged Wiring- Wiring needs to be correctly maintained to prevent sparks or ignition in unexpected places. One spark can start a fire in your home.


Wildfires are not usual occurrences; they rarely take place. Though when the fire has started up blazing large, there is less that could be done to stop it from destroying the area. But if appliances are taken care of well, then such fires may not happen to occur. Water heaters should be maintained by professionals. Water heaters in Denver happen to have a lot of service providers, among them, Drain Pros is well known for its repute. Contact us today!