Plumbing Repair Secrets From Experts in Denver CO

3 Plumbing Secrets Unveiled in Denver

Plumbing Secrets Unveiled in Denver Colorado

Plumbing is a task usually associated with professional plumbers. People usually avoid trying to try fixing any plumbing issues by themselves. Research shows that most people in Denver do not fix even their clogged sinks. Because cheap plumbing services at Drain Pros Plumbing here are only a call away. But how cheap can cheap be? No matter how much they charge, how you end up losing some of your hard-earned dollars – It becomes unbearable if the issue could have been solved by yourself without paying a penny to anyone.

We have brought to you 3 plumbing secrets that plumbers won’t share with you just like that; After reading this blog, you can save your money and make your wife happy easily.

  1. Replace the old washer drain hose with a new one.

Many of you might be shocked that a task that generally costs around 50$ can be done by just investing ten minutes of your time. Whenever you notice the washer drain hose leaking water, you should not get worried and call a plumber for it. Just go to a hardware store, where you can buy a hose. It is a cheap product and costs just a few dollars. The manual in the box contains all the information that is required for the replacement process. We have gone through several manuals and checked them. All are so easy that there is no need for any technical knowledge or expertise of the field – Even a layman can do it if instructions are read to him.

  1. Bath bombs are bombs for the drains.

Bath bombs usually excite ladies and children and look beautiful. They are a good ingredient for a wet and romantic date, but they can be horrifying for the drains and pipes. The oil and salt these bubbling miracles carry do not dissolve and the water and stick to the pipes alongside other minerals. Sparkles and petals are also added to the bath bombs and they can for sure end up clogging the drains. So, it’s better to avoid using bath bombs. But if you sue – Drain vinegar and soda into the drains and flush with warm water. 

  1. Never pour boiling water into Drains.

So many of us after boiling the eggs or vegetables, flush the hot water into the sink. This can be hazardous to the drains. As many of the pipes are made of plastic and the water can soften them and reduce their expected life. If the temperature of the water is too high or the pipes have already been softened; The water may even melt the pipes. So, it’s suggested that you let the water cool down before pouring it into the drains. Even if the pipes are not made of plastic, the joints may be made of plastic or rubber. And the cleaning techniques that you heard of suggest to use warm water, do not confuse it with hot boiling water. 

This trick will save your money and time utilized for the repair of pipes.


Plumbing can prove to be very costly, but the major chunk of it or often occurring plumbing issues are the ones that can be tackled without wasting your money. Let it be a clogged toilet, running sink, or a flooded shower. It can all be solved using simple tricks. And many techniques give the chance of saving dollars by ensuring that problems do not occur. If you wish to save your money and become more productive yourself, follow us for more. But not all of the plumbing problems can be solved by yourself. If you face any bigger problem, do contact a professional firm. And if you live in Denver do not be fooled into hiring expensive services, Drain Pros Plumbing provides affordable plumbing services 24/7 in Denver. Feel free to contact us!