Five Plumbing Innovations You Must Know About In Denver

Technological Advances and Innovations in Plumbing in Denver

Latests Plumbing Innovations in Denver Colorado

To keep the human race as civilized as we are innovations must continue!

And the plumbing sector is one of the key areas where innovation is needed the most. To keep the densely populated and congested megacities livable; kitchens, washrooms, and the supply of water need to be taken care of to avoid diseases and viruses caused by lack of hygiene or dehydration.

Following is a list of plumbing innovations that tend to shape the future of this sector

1. Rimless toilets                                                                                                   

The design basically has not really changed over the years following the simple pneumatic flush – An old yet reliable tool that is always up to the task. Yet a revolution is to be unleashed in the rimless toilets – Its shape. 

The traditional toilets with rims easily attract bacteria and germs and let them add up exponentially. As the name suggests the rimless toilets bring in smoother shape. When the user uses the flush, water thrusts from the back of the pan to wash up the bowl more effectively and efficiently. This toilet is revolutionizing the plumbing industry with its easy-clean design.

 Furthermore, after the hit of an epidemic such as Corona, it is a must for the industry to adapt and for consumers to adopt safer tools.

2. Smart shower systems

The history of showers has been a dynamic one, with time and space showers have immensely evolved – From the thermostatic to the electric ones. Added to them the digital showers but now the digital shower system ought to completely change the outlook of showers. 

With the digitalization of the home systems, many consumers are using the voice activation to control the complete setup of their houses – From bulbs to the chimneys. All operate over voice control. 

Washrooms have also been digitalized completely now. Digital showers give numerous options and benefits to the users, such as temperature control, water density, and spray intensity. All one needs to is guide the system verbally. It’s both safer and effective.

You can customize your own bath experience and also watch over the elderly and kids to ensure that they are maintaining their hygiene to the mark. The possibilities are limitless and there is certainly demand for integrated smart showering systems.

3. Bluetooth Speaker shower heads

Bathroom singer – a term coined in 80-90s dedicated to the people who enjoyed their shower experience by singing and making music. But that thing is now outdated as Bluetooth technology has walked into the bathrooms to entertain and relax you.

You can stream songs from your mobile, computer, or pad to a speaker and add up to your shower experience by listening to your favorite tracks and tunes. 

Placed directly over your outlet, a wireless speaker plays your playlists direct into your shower enclosure. To charge it you simply need to detach it and plugin

4. Japanese style toilets

Japanese style toilets might cost more than usual US toilets and it is on its way of making its space in the international market. 

Many of the households have found theses smart, electronic toilets more useful and especially the ones with mobility issues are completely into it.

A lot of dynamic features are added to these toilets, such as motion sensor lids and flushes, hygienic sprays, and self-cleaning mechanisms. The demand for these toilets, therefore, is on a steep rise.

5. Smart underfloor heating

Underfloor is not a very latest concept but it is being programmed into smartness.

The old-fashioned underfloor heaters took too much space and were not very effective. But the latest researches have brought forward smart underfloor heating systems. These smart thermostats possess the quality of self-learning too.


The world of plumbing is vast. It keeps on innovating every year and offers something unique and interesting. Let us know which of these plumbing innovations you like the most.

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