4 Most Common Causes of Blocked and Clogged Drains in Denver CO

What Are The Most Common Reasons Of Clogged And Blocked Drains?

Common Causes of Blocked and Clogged Drains in Denver Colorado

The drains are the heart of any plumbing project – The fancy tubs and tiles would make any sense if the drains are not working well; And ultimately shall get ruined because of faulty drains. Blocked and clogged drains gather the waste in the pipes and when full this waste blows up to the washrooms or kitchen, causing great trouble to the households. Because of the blockade in drains, the pipes may burst or develop leakages – Which can in no time ruin a beautiful house and result in expenses ranging to thousands of Dollars. Though if you are in Denver, professional plumbers 24/7 are standby to help you avoid the problem getting serious. All you need to do is call them timely.

There are a number of reasons for clogged and blocked drains, the 4 most common ones are discussed below for you to avoid; So that you do not end up bearing large sums of repair and do not attract despair for yourself and the family.

Hair and Soap.

The most common culprit for drain clogging is the hair falling from the head and body of the washroom user. The hair easily gets sticky after coming in contact with oily material and adds up to form clogs. This problem can be easily avoided by putting guards on the drain openings. And make sure to clean it regularly. Cheap and professional plumbers in Denver Colorado await you if the things get serious, it is suggested that you do not try cleaning up clogs yourself.

Soap scum can also result in drain blockades – A hard residue that is left after the combination of fat in soap and minerals in water – This material can stain the washing basins and block drains. Avoid using hard soaps and start using soap-free washes. In addition to that, get the pressure of the pipes cleaned once in a while.

Food Waste.

A common misconception about the sinks with garbage disposal is that one can dispose of all they wish to, but it is not true. Food waste must never step into your drain. The foodstuff that does not break down is a big threat e.g. tea leaves and coffee – These materials easily gather and ground into the drain causing it to get blocked. Oily and greasy stuff can also result in clogs, they can become solid and attract all material that is flowing by.

Dirt and Mineral Build up.

Drain pipes are thought to be useful for washing anything away. And dirt! These small particles will wash away easily without any trouble. If a kid has muddy feet, it would not harm if the dirt is washed away into the drain. But in reality, it can bring you a lot of trouble. Dirt may gather and deposit in drains – As a result, it gets blocked. It is suggested that dirt be cautiously rinsed off the clothes or body before they are washed, to avoid future trouble. And to avoid general misconceptions about plumbing, visit plumbing Blogs of Drain Pros Plumbing regularly.

Hard water can cause the minerals to become insoluble mass that would block the drain easily. It is suggested to use a water softener and avoid mineral buildup because once formed these are too hard to remove. If you notice the drains not flowing, contact a professional plumber such as provided by Drain Pros Plumbing, they can ease your troubles in no time. Please do not go for unregistered plumbers, don’t worry about the cost too much. You can avail services of affordable and professional plumbers by just making a simple call.

Tree Roots.

If there are any cracks or leakages in the pipes, they may easily attract the nearby roots by the outflowing water. The routes need water for the tree to make food, and so roots follow the source of water to have some more. And this is where the spiral into chaos begins, the roots colonize the pipes and cause further breaks. While the flow of drain gets disturbed and the house goes on the stake – It can genuinely ruin your complete house. So, at times such as that never try to remove the roots and patch drain by yourself. To repair sewers and drains go for certified plumbers in Denver CO.


Types of clogs vary and so do their intensity. Ranging from the issues that you may solve by pressure cleaning to the ones that require digging up the house. It is not an easy task to clear clogs off once they are formed, then only professionals can help you. But you can always take measures to avoid the formation of clogs in the drains. E.g. do not dispose of food or solid material, avoid draining oily stuff, and ignore using solid soap. And if drains get blocked always call the professionals to clean it up because while trying to save a few dollars you may end up losing a lot more.

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