▷5 Most Common Water Heater Problems In Denver

5 Most Common Water Heater Problems In Denver
5 Most Common Water Heater Problems In Denver

Water heaters are usually installed in some corner or tucked away from our site. This is why it is easy to forget to check on them. Hot water is essential for homes and businesses and affects everyday life. It is essential to maintain your water heater and regularly check on it to see if it has any defects or issues. Our plumbers are the best. 

Following are the common water heater issues mentioned and their signs to look for

1. Not Enough Hot Water

One of the major issues people face with their water heater is that it does not have enough hot water. It is absolutely the worst experience to have your shower turn ice cold all of a sudden, especially in winters. 

It may be a sign of a broken thermostat and would need to be changed. 

Sometimes, having no hot water stored up might just mean that you need a bigger heater to meet your requirements.

The water heater might not be carrying enough volume at a time according to your needs. In this case, you must invest in a new water heater model.

2. No Hot Water

Getting no hot water from your water heater may be caused by various reasons. In case it is a gas heater, then maybe the gas pressure is low, or the connection is not proper. The gas might be failing to ignite. 

Most water heaters require an eclectic ignition. In that case, a breaker might trip. You need to check your breaker box. If not, call our professionals at (720) 664-8988 for a full evaluation.

3. Water Heater Leaking

Leakage of water heaters is an issue that you must never ignore. It may be due to broken pipes or valves. A higher pressure built up in the tank may also lead to leakage. If this plumbing leak is not fixed timely, it might make things even worse, like causing burns and scalding. 

Therefore, any corrosion or rust around your fixtures must be taken care of timely. Call plumbing experts and make sure it is repaired sooner. 

4. Discolored Hot Water

The water heater gets rusted from the inside as it gets old. This is the cause of discolored water coming from faucets and showers. An Anode rod inside the water heater should be replaced in this situation. It keeps the water heater from corroding or building up rust. 

However, you should also consider purchasing a new water heater if it starts discoloring your hot water. Newer models are lasting longer and a lot more energy-efficient. 

5. Too Hot Or Too Cold

There are two reasons for your water being too hot or too cold. It could be a broken thermostat or a build-up of sediment. A broken thermostat fails to tell the water heater the temperature of the water. 

In case there is sediment build-up inside the water heater tank, it makes heating the water more difficult. You may get colder water from your tap without adjusting your thermostat. Contact us at Drain Pros Plumbing Denver for all your plumbing needs