▷Some Best Leak Detection Tips Denver

What Are Best Leak Detection Tips In Denver?

Some Best Leak Detection Tips Denver

Plumbing leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home if they’re not detected and repaired quickly. Water leaks can lead to mold growth, rotted wood, and other serious problems.

The best way to avoid these costly repairs is to catch the leak early. Here are some tips that will help you detect plumbing leaks before they cause too much damage:

Check All Exposed Pipes

Check all exposed pipes for leaks. This includes pipes in the basement, crawl space, or attic. Be sure to check all the fittings and connections as well.

Look For Water Stains

Water stains on walls, ceilings, or floors could be a sign of a hidden leak. Inspect these areas closely to see if there is any active dripping or pooling of water.

Check For Mold

Mold growth is often a tell-tale sign of a plumbing leak. If you see mold, it’s important to have a professional inspect your home for leaks, as mold can also be caused by other problems such as condensation.

Listen For Dripping Sounds

If you hear water dripping, even if you can’t see where the leak is coming from, it’s important to investigate. Leaks can often be hidden behind walls or under floors.

Monitor Your Water Bill

If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, it could be due to a leak. Compare your current bill to past bills to see if there is a significant difference.

Inspect The Foundation

Cracks in your foundation or walls could indicate that water is leaking into your home from the outside. Be sure to check both the interior and exterior of your home for cracks.

Look For Signs Of Rust

Rust on pipes is another sign that there may be a water leak. If you see rust, it’s important to have a professional inspect your pipes to determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

Check Under Sinks

Under-sink cabinet areas are often the first place that leaks show up. Inspect these areas for signs of water damage, such as warped wood or mold growth.

Inspect Toilets

Toilets are another common source of leaks. Check to see if there is any water around the base of the toilet or on the floor near the toilet. Also, check inside the tank for any signs of moisture.

Look For Water In The Yard

If you suspect there may be a leak underground, take a look at your yard to see if there are any wet spots or pooling of water. These could be indicators that there is a leak in your underground pipes.

Check For Damp Spots On Walls

Another sign of an underground leak is damp spots on walls or floors. These could be due to water seeping up through the foundation.

Use A Water Meter

If you’re still not sure whether or not you have a leak, you can use a water meter to check for leaks. To do this, simply turn off all fixtures in your home and then check the meter. If it’s still moving, there’s a good chance you have a leak somewhere in your home.


If you suspect you have a plumbing leak, it’s important to take action right away. These tips will help you detect leaks early so you can avoid costly repairs. For more information, contact Drain Pros Plumbing Denver at (720) 664-8988.