▷Preparing Your Plumbing When You Go On Vacation In Denver

Preparing Your Plumbing When You Go On Vacation In Denver

Preparing Your Plumbing When You Go On Vacation In Denver

As you prepare to go on vacation, your mind will be occupied with many details. Your pets will require boarding or arrangements for their care while you’re away. You will need to make travel plans and check the weather forecast to ensure that you pack appropriately.

You may even decide to have someone watch your home when you are gone in case there is a plumbing problem or other emergency requiring immediate attention. 

If you think about it, not having water is something that can happen any day of the year—not just when someone is going on vacation! However, if a sudden break in your water line happens while you are away, it would be nice to know that there is someone available who can immediately respond and fix the problem.

Examine Sinks, Showers, Tubs, & More For Potential Leaks

When you are planning your vacation, take a few minutes to examine the plumbing and ensure that all is well. Start with fixtures in bathrooms or kitchens—the areas most likely to have problems while you’re gone.

Check For Issues With Your Water Heater Before Leaving

Water heaters can be damaged by a variety of things and fail in various ways.

They may leak when they are turned off, lose heat if the temperature is set too high, or even produce steam if there is water trapped inside. You should inspect your water heater before you leave to make sure all is well. Look for puddles under it, take note of how hot the pilot light stays, and notice whether the unit seems to be running as usual or seems quieter than normal.

Ensure Your Garbage Disposal & Drains Are Clear Of Food Debris

Garbage disposals can be damaged by improper use or by objects being put down rather than in the trash. If your garbage disposal is not running as smoothly as it always does, you may need to clean it before leaving on vacation. Remove any large food pieces that are stuck inside, and then run a few cups of ice cubes through with some cold water.

Find & Turn Off The Main Water Valve To Your Home

You definitely don’t want to return home to a flooded basement! Check and make sure that you can find the main water valve for your house. It is usually located near the entryway so that it can be easily turned off in an emergency, such as if a pipe bursts. You should also take the time to turn it off while you are away because this valve shuts down all of the water going into your home. This means that even if your toilets or faucets break while you’re gone, there won’t be any running water unless someone turns this valve back on.


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