▷Plumber Tips Denver – What Not To Put Down Your Drains!

Plumber Tips Denver – What Not To Put Down Your Drains!
Plumber Tips Denver – What Not To Put Down Your Drains!

Cleaning your drain is among the most common plumbing services in need in Denver. It mainly happens because people dispose of food and other items improperly. People use their kitchen sink drain, and their toilets drain as garbage disposal. 

Treating drains like garbage holes is very common in most households. Certain things should never be disposed of in this way. 

People don’t realize it when doing it, but when the time comes, they will definitely regret the decision to use the kitchen sink and toilet drains as garbage disposals. 

By doing so, people are abusing their entire plumbing system of the house. These lead to clogged drains, which are a lot stressful to deal with. 

Following are some tips mentioned for your understanding on what not to put down your drains.

Plumber’s Drain Tips #1 – Leftover Paint

If anyone in your family enjoys doing arts & crafts, make sure they do not pour the leftover paint in the kitchen drain. This is usually a common practice. People wash away the excess paint in their sinks. Paints are toxic, and this is not the correct way to dispose of them. 

You should dispose of the paint carefully, and the drain is certainly not the correct place for that. Paint chemical contaminates water. Reach out to a local trash company to inquire how to properly get rid of paint so that it does not affect the environment and your plumbing system!

Plumber’s Drain Tip #2 – Expandable Food

Cleaning out or sorting your refrigerator is a tiring task. You may think it will be easier to put the leftover food down the kitchen drain. However, this shouldn’t be sent down the drain. You believe that you are saving your time in the present. 

However, it will become a more significant and costly, and time-consuming problem for you to tackle in the future. 

Plumber’s Drain Tip #3 – Kitty Litter

Everyone loves their pets and does everything for them, including cleaning their litter. Some pet owners flush the kitty toilet down the drain, which is another common yet improper practice. Kitty litters absorb water and become as hard as concrete. They will clog your plumbing system. Please ensure to dispose of your kitty litter in a bag and then into the trash. 

Plumber’s Drain Tip #4 – Feminine Hygiene Products & Wipes

Do not flush feminine products or wipes. They damage the pipes by clogging them. Do not be fooled by the product’s manufacturing company. Instead, take advice from the plumber who deals with fixing issues caused by them. It will cost you a lot to remove them. You might as well need to repair or replace pipes. 

Rather be safe than sorry! Take these plumbers’ advice and do not dispose of such products in your drains. It will save you time, effort, and money. Do not clog your plumbing system by disposing of items that should not be there! 

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