▷How To Pet-Proof Your Plumbing In Denver

How To Pet-Proof Your Plumbing In Denver

How To Pet-Proof Your Plumbing In Denver

Dog and cat fur can rapidly get muddy, and flushing all of that dirt and grime down your pipes can cause a blockage that you’ll have to clear. Rather than dumping the ground into your plumbing system, try rinsing it outside before placing it in the tub. Ensure the drain is covered with anything to keep their hair from getting into pipes.

Steps To Pet-Proof Your Plumbing:

  1. Make sure that your pet is clean before bathing them. If they have a lot of dirt or mud on them, try rinsing it off outside first instead of dumping it into the bathtub. The pet hair can end up clogging your tub and toilet if you don’t rinse off all the mud beforehand!
  2. Consider using a drain cover over the drain so that their hair doesn’t get stuck in there later on once they’re all cleaned up and dried out! Just be sure to put something underneath it to catch any water that may leak through.

A Key Pet-Proof Tip

Be sure to rinse all the pet hair out outside before placing it in the tub, as pet fur usually sticks together into clumps that can get caught in drain covers or other plumbing fixtures such as pipes and faucets. 

If you find that pet hair tends to stick into balls when you try rinsing outside, consider attaching a cat brush or small animal slicker brush to your outdoor hose so you can untangle it more easily before placing it down your drain.

Other Tips And Tricks:

  1. If your pet gets dirty often (such as with a dog that goes for walks on a dirt road), then consider using grates over their bathtub(s) to keep dirt from getting into the pipes.
  2. If your pet doesn’t mind having a bath in your sink, then set up a pet shower to get them clean instead of taking their bathtub away from them.
  3. Set pet-proof stopper(s) (such as rubber stoppers or grates over drains installed in pet showers) so that they can’t plunge themselves down the drain if they try to get back at you pet-proofing their bathroom.
  4. Try petting your pet more often than bathing it (for pets like dogs) because, in addition to keeping your pet cleaner, this will also decrease how much it is shedding fur on everything and prolong the life of whatever it sheds hair on (such as pet beds).
  5. For pet-proofing measures that are less pet friendly, leaving a pet’s bathtub covered in pet fur might be worth it if the alternative is an expensive trip to the vet. Let our plumbers help you out. 


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