▷Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Clog In Denver, CO

Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Clog In Denver, CO

Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Clog In Denver, CO

The sewer line is the part of your plumbing system that carries wastewater, or sewage, from your home to a public sewer. The main sewer line usually runs under the street and is connected to homes on either side with lateral lines. A main sewer line clog can cause water backups in your house, pooling in toilets and sinks, basement flooding, and odors. If you notice any of these signs, then you should call for professional help right away!

Multiple Drains Back Up

If you notice that multiple drains in your home are backing up, this could be a sign of sewer line clogs.

Water can back up through the main sewer pipe and other drainage pipes or fixtures nearby if something blocks the flow. The backup can also cause basement flooding due to overflowing toilets or sinks and odors from septic systems or sewage entering homes.

-The first step would be to have an expert come out and diagnose any blockages found during an inspection by examining both lateral lines running off either side of the house. Once they’ve determined where the problem is coming from, it will depend on how severe it is to need professional equipment such as hydro jetting machines with powerheads.

Floor Drains In House Experience Sewage Backup

The first drain most likely to backup would be the one in the basement as your sewer main is underground.  This can be caused by a sewer line clog, damaged pipe, or other obstructions.

-A backup in the basement drain is often found when you go down to wash your floor and notice water seeping up from below. This will also cause odors to come into the home if left untreated for long periods of time. It’s important not to use any chemical cleaners as this could make things worse. Instead, try some natural solutions such as vinegar with disinfectant properties that work well on mildew smells too!

Standing Water Or Sewage Coming Out Of Cleanout Pipe

One of the most common signs of sewer or drain problems, you’ll often find standing water coming out from the cleanout pipe.

-A clog in your line can cause this as well as if there’s a leak downstream that has been going unnoticed. Make sure to always keep an eye on such things so they don’t get harder and more expensive to fix later! Let our plumbers help us. 

Possible Causes:

  •  Sewer Line Clogs
  •  Damaged Pipes
  •  Other Obstructions

If any of these three symptoms are present at your home it is important to contact us immediately for help. We would then be able to diagnose what the issue is and come up with a solution right away! Don’t wait too long because waiting could make matters worse.

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