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Leak Detection Denver
Leak Detection Denver

Leaks are not something to mess with. They can prove very costly in case of negligence. If you tried to save a few dollars by avoiding the leak repair, you might spend more than the repairing cost. Therefore, the minute you find a water leakage problem, get it fixed before it turns into a major plumbing problem. If you ever notice a leak, you should contact Drain Pros Plumbing Denver for the Affordable Plumbing Denver CO.

Importance Of Leak Detection

  • Since most leaks are out of sight and stay hidden, they are often challenging to locate. Below are some ways you can indicate if you require assistance from a leak detection specialist.
  • You often hear the sound of running water even when all the faucets are closed
  • Your water bill increases every month significantly without any logical reason
  • You see high growth of various vegetation in some specific parts of your home
  • You start to see cracks appear in parts of your home foundation
  • There are spots on the floor that always stay warm
  • There is an unpleasant smell in some or all parts of the home
  • The soil surrounding your home has shifted

These are some of the most common signs of water leak detection. Ensure you get in touch with a professional right away if you come across any of those signs. Make sure also to call a professional for help if you see any other water-related unusual activity at your home

How We Perform Leak Detection?

One of the main modes of leak detection is the acoustic method of leak detection. The systematic listening equipment method checks the distribution system, identifies the leaks through sounds, and pinpoints the specific location of underground leaks that mostly stay hidden. Water that escapes because of high water pressure due to pipe leak makes a distinct sound, usually hissing or rushing. By doing this, the pipe will act as a mode of transmission of the sound. That makes it work like a string on a guitar, and vibration occurs just like the strength’s different pitches. A small diameter pipe will carry sound to a great distance, as much as up to 1,000 linear feet. 

The devices that detect such sounds come in various modes of operation. They can be fixed, installed in a specific place, or even mobile. They also vary according to internal/external use and may transit data through radio directly or indirectly. There are also mobile acoustic sensors available that consist of ground microphones that can detect below the surface as the professional walks through each pipe segment. The local environment and engineered structures can hamper the use of mobile devices. Sound is muffled by deep soil, thick roadway pavement, or heavy local traffic.

If you are looking for Affordable Plumbing Denver CO, contact Drain Pros Plumbing Denver anytime at (720) 664-8988. You may also think that you’ll hire someone when there is a necessity, but such risks will cost you more. You can rely on Drain Pros Plumbing Denver for professional services. We will help you get the high-quality work and benefits you deserve and always meet the government’s commercial buildings.