▷When Is A Leak Considered An Emergency In Denver?

When Is A Leak Considered An Emergency In Denver?
When Is A Leak Considered An Emergency In Denver?

We have all been through the trouble of one or two leaky pipes at our property. We always think it can’t be so bad, right? But how do you know if that leak has turned into an emergency? How will you know that the small leak now calls for a repair performed by an expert plumber? We have a listen to a few signs to keep in mind:

How Bad Is It?

If you’re searching at a splotchy ceiling or you’re worried about how the water bill keeps getting higher every month, the chances are that you have a pipe leak. Even brown, discolored water or a soaked carpet is a sign of significant issues in your home.

A few signs must not be taken lightly and must be dealt with immediately before things get out of hand. 

Can You Wait It Out?

Start by assessing whether or not the leak is something that requires immediate repair. Is it your toilet or sink that just won’t stop leaking? Or is your washer spewing water from the pipes?

 Whatever it may be, reevaluate your options. If getting the leak repaired can wait until the next day to prevent an after-hours visit, try unplugging the water connection to your machine. If not, you must call a plumber immediately.

A small leak in the wrong place or a faulty appliance will lead to more significant issues. It could cause a great number of damages to your house and the walls surrounding it.

Leaks can also damage the paint on your walls. The color, due to moisture, begins to wither and fall off the walls. Such a sight is not a good one to see. You can avoid a calamity such as a simple leak that can lead to a massive disaster by getting it repaired in its early stages. 

What About A Quick Fix?

With an emergency leak, it is possible to perform a temporary repair to the issue by yourself. In this case, use plumber’s tape or duct tape to cover a manageable hole. 

If nothing can cover up the hoke is available, search for old towels and rags to clog the hole. If possible, find the shutoff valve to stop the water flow for the time being.

Once you control the leak, it is time to call an expert plumber to inspect and repair the issue. Your home improvement project should be a temporary fix – not a long-term solution.

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