▷How Can I Tell I Have A Slab Leak In Denver?

How Can I Tell I Have A Slab Leak In Denver
How Can I Tell I Have A Slab Leak In Denver

Pipe leaks are a tremendously common plumbing related problem, but one of the worst forms of leaks are slab leaks. It’s a leak in the slab foundation, also known as a concrete leak, and can be very damaging. If you need services for slab Leak Detection Denver and doubt a slab leak at your home, then dial at Drain Pros Plumbing Denver right away and get an expert’s opinion.

High Water Bills

If you see your water bill going up every month, this is one of the most significant indicators of a slab leak in your home. If you’re using the same amount of water every month and yet find your water bill frequently increasing every month, this is one of the most significant signs of a water leak somewhere, which in most cases is associated with a slab leak. That can cause damages to the flooring of your home.


The pressure is one of the most significant factors for a pipe to lose its original shape and crack. That also puts in danger of soil shift and thus moving of the house to a slight extent. That originates due to assorted reasons such as shoddy construction, earthquakes, and soil erosion. Though it is highly unlikely to experience an earthquake anytime soon, pressure still does affect the slab in your home

The Sound Of Running Water Where There Is No Running Water

Pipes usually contract and expand due to the inflow of cold and hot water. The continuous flow of water also rattles the piper. That causes the lines to wear down because of friction against the concrete. This process causes the pipes to become thinner over time, and this leads to a leak.


One of the other reasons for slab leaks is corrosions. Chilly waters can rarely become a reason for decay, but hot water has a higher corrosion chance. This problem is usually found in older homes as compared to modern/new ones. That is due to the type of material used in older homes that are more prone to corrosions.


Another sign that you should always keep an eye out for is damp carpets. If you find yourself with wet carpets most of the time, it is an indicator of water from a slab leak. That makes the flooring weak and can cause damage to the reliability and firmness of the floor.

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