▷Common Holiday Plumbing Disasters In Denver

Common Holiday Plumbing Disasters In Denver

Common Holiday Plumbing Disasters In Denver

When the holiday season is in full gear, and your home is crammed with relatives, you’ve got a mile-long list of things to do and foods to prepare. The last thing you need is a holiday plumbing disaster while your family is visiting, or you’re hosting a holiday party for pals.

You can avoid holiday plumbing disasters by following a few simple steps.

What holiday plumbing disasters have you experienced?

Did your holiday drain clog on Thanksgiving Day? Did the hot water tank quit working right at Christmas time? Did you have to call a plumber for emergency holiday backflow prevention valve maintenance or holiday faucet leaking repairs? Did grandma forget her dentures in the bathroom sink, which then clogged and flooded? How about frozen pipes on New Year’s Eve eve?

The holiday season is not always kind to plumbing systems. Here are some of the holiday plumbing disasters that happen more often than any other time of year:

1) Faucets from neighbors’ houses seeping into yours as well as outside drainage issues.

2) Frozen water pipes.

3) Drains clog more than usual due to holiday cooking grease and holiday food debris such as bones, corn husks, shells, etc.

4) Well intakes freezing over when the weather is cold enough–causing well pump failures, thus rendering holiday faucets unusable.

5) Water heaters bursting from the added weight of holiday dinner guests plus holiday hot water usage–usually around Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve.

6) Burst holiday sewer lines caused by holiday flooding due to frozen outside drains, frozen snow, and rain combined with above-average holiday rainfall totals or violent holiday storms causing destructive winds associated with holiday tornadoes.

7) Flooding in basements, cellars, and crawl spaces from holiday plumbing system failures.

8) Frozen holiday water supply lines to holiday decorations that are, in turn, buried outside in holiday frozen ground, not allowing holiday lights to shine or holiday displays to be illuminated.

9) Holiday home fires started by holiday candles used for holiday decorating indoors plus holiday outdoor patio heaters.

10) Christmas tree fires caused by shorting holiday wiring attached to a live holiday light string or plugged into an overloaded power outlet.

11) Christmas tree fires caused by a combination of #10 above plus fallen holiday tree parts hitting open-burning fireplace embers–thus causing dangerous chimney fires.

12) Popping overstressed holiday pipework due to freezing temperatures combined with holiday water pressure–causing holiday faucets to pop off.


It’s pretty easy to avoid classic Christmas plumbing mishaps with a bit of preventative maintenance and some carefully placed things. If you have a plumbing problem over the holidays, call the experts at Drain Pros Plumbing Denver. We’re here to help with plumbing issues in Denver, CO, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call at (720) 664-8988 to see how we can assist you.