▷Follow These 3 Steps To Silence A Noisy Drain In Denver

Gurgling Sink? Follow These 3 Steps To Silence A Noisy Drain In Denver

Gurgling Sink? Follow These 3 Steps To Silence A Noisy Drain In Denver

As smart speakers and device assistants become more popular, it’s no longer a surprise to hear your home “talking” back to you. However, unless you have the technology we’re not aware of, there shouldn’t be a reason for your sinks to be making strange noises. If they are, don’t panic – follow these three steps and find out what could be gurgling in your kitchen sink drain.

Step 1: Identify Which Sinks Are Gurgling

If you hear sounds coming from one particular sink in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room and it’s not the drain, then this is a problem that needs to be addressed. If all other sinks are fine, but you have one making noises, there could be mold growing inside the pipe behind the wall where the hot and cold water lines meet.

Try running an overnight bleach solution through when no one will be using the sink (around 11 p.m.). This should eradicate any mold issues that may have formed due to lack of use for extended periods of time. 

Run a full cycle with bleach along with 15 minutes of running the hot water throughout the house (right before bed) for good measure. After both cycles are complete (when you wake up), once again, flush the lines with running water for a while to ensure any kind of remaining traces of bleach are gone.

Step 2: Investigate And Clear Common Blockage Points

If running bleach didn’t help the situation, then you may have a blockage in your main drain line. Before you call someone out to clear it, try investigating yourself and clearing any potential problems.

 If you have access under your sinks, look for small holes that are either rusted or worn down and where hair could easily collect on its own (see photo below). Start by cleaning out this area with a wire brush and re-routing the hair from collecting there if possible – don’t just stuff it back into the hole because another clump will just come right back again.

Step 3: When In Doubt, Call A Plumber

If your gurgling sink is from a completely different area, or you don’t have access to the pipes behind your sinks, then it’s time to call a plumber. A professional will come out and inspect your water lines for any potential issues with fittings, line leaks, or loose connections in order to make a proper repair. Let our plumbers help you fix the problem. 


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