▷Top 4 Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions In Denver

Top 4 Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions In Denver

Top 4 Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions In Denver

We make it simple for homeowners to acquire the answers they need about their home plumbing. While issues with your water heater, pipelines, and toilets may necessitate extensive plumbing work, here are three of the most often asked inquiries we receive, along with our responses.

#1. What Is The Top Plumbing Question We Receive?

Is it safe to flush feminine hygiene products down my toilet? While manufacturers of these products claim that they are biodegradable, this is not true; washing them can lead to clogs in your home’s pipes and sewer line. For this reason, it would be best if you throw away used panty liners, tampons, sanitary napkins, and diapers instead of tossing them in your toilet bowl.

#2. How Do I Know What Type Of Water Filtration System Works Best For Me?

When choosing a water filtration system for your home, consider how much money you want to spend as well as how much time you have to devote to upkeep. If you want something simple that requires little involvement, it would be best to choose a cartridge filter. These filters are easy to replace when needed and work well for homes with fewer than four people residing in them.

#3. What Is The Top Plumbing Question Homeowners Ask About Their Garbage Disposal? 

How much waste can I put into my garbage disposal before it clogs? While these machines make disposing of foods such as meat bones easier, there will come a time when too much has been thrown down the drain. When this happens, your disposal will not work correctly and may cause trouble when washing food down the drain. To help prevent issues, avoid throwing more than one or two tablespoons of grease down your sink at a time. In addition, you should also refrain from throwing large amounts of food at your disposal.

#4. How Much Will Top Plumbing Services Cost Me? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to provide an exact estimate until service has been rendered and the issue has been resolved. However, in most cases, top plumbers charge an hourly rate for their services. You can find out what homes like yours have paid by searching online for top local plumbers in your area; this information should help you determine how much complete repair work may cost. The good news is that top plumbers usually give a discount for multiple-hour jobs; if you call them soon enough after your initial plumbing problem starts, they may be able to provide a discounted price on their plumbing services.


Do you have any more questions for which you’d like an answer? To get answers from a member of our skilled Drain Pros Plumbing Denver team in Denver, CO, leave a comment or call us at (720) 664-8988. Also, keep an eye out for constant running water, leaks, strange odors, and strange sounds coming from your pipes, as these could indicate a more serious plumbing problem in your home.