▷How To Eliminate Toilet Smell In Denver

Know The Reasons Your Toilet Smells And How To Eliminate Them In Denver
Know The Reasons Your Toilet Smells And How To Eliminate Them In Denver

The smelly taint is the most common problem in all toilets. When you flush the toilet, does it leave a stench in the bathroom? The scent of sewage after you wash your toilet may indicate that it needs to be repaired.

There are some things to consider when it comes to toilet odors:

  • Within your house, there’s a foul odor of sewer gas.
  • The water in the toilet bowl is supposed to seal the plumbing system and keep sewage odor out of your home.
  • The water level in the bowl is automatically retained, but sewer gases will escape if anything prevents the refill.
  • The traps under sinks, tubs, and any appliance that connects to your home’s drain, waste, or vent system contain various seals.
  • Many bathroom odors are tough to locate. If your plumbing system was functioning well until you noticed the smells, a few items might mean that sewer gas is leaking from your pipes.

  • A Toilet With A Broken Wax Seal

A broken wax seal is another common issue that can cause your bathroom to smell as though it hasn’t been flushed even after flushing. After each flush, the wax ring seals the toilet’s base and allows air and sewage odors inside the bathroom and drain pipe to be flushed out. If the seal is too broken, water can inevitably leak out, causing water damage.


  •  It’s Not Used Enough

  • Do you have a toilet in your basement that smells after a few weeks or months of not being flushed? If there is infrequent use of toilets, so the water in the bowl evaporates. When there is no water in the toilet bowl, odors from the drainpipe will escape.
  • To avoid the bathroom from overflowing with these gases and odors, keep water in the bowl at all times by simply flushing.
  • Blockages Exist

Aside from the waste and other items that are often flushed down the toilet, the drain pipe may become clogged with various obstructions. These stumbling blocks can accumulate over time or be triggered by a single event. When your bathroom creates those blockages, you will be able to smell their odors every time you flush the toilet.

Here are several suggestions for getting rid of odors:

  • All surfaces, including the walls, ceiling, flooring, and fixtures, should be disinfected. Many of us fail to clean them, but the chances are that these places have accumulated a toilet odor over time.
  • Put the shower curtains and carpet in the washer, clean the tiles, and wipe down the porcelain tub and sink with a strong dose of rubbing alcohol.

We’ll be happy to assist those in Denver, CO, who need toilet repairs or the removal of clogged drains. These issues necessitate the services of a licensed plumber, but there are a few items that most people can handle themselves; before calling the plumber, try these simple solutions. Give us a call at Drain Pros Plumbing Denver