▷Are Drain Cleaners Safe To Use On Plumbing In Denver?

Are Drain Cleaners Safe To Use On Plumbing In Denver?

Are Drain Cleaners Safe To Use On Plumbing In Denver?

If you’re a homeowner or anyone with experience in DIY fixes for plumbing systems, you’ve likely heard mixed opinions on whether or not drain cleaners are safe to use on clogs. Some say chemical cleaners, when used in moderation, are fine to use – while others advise you to avoid them at all costs. So what do you do when you have a pesky clog in your plumbing system?

Drain Cleaner Safety Hazards

While some would argue that it’s unfair (or frightening) to assume every one of those chemicals is toxic and harmful, there’s no denying the fact that there are definitely hazardous ingredients present in most commercial drain cleaner solutions available today. These ingredients include sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, chlorinated solvents, and even cyanide.

Since the chemicals present in drain cleaner solution are usually corrosive enough to dissolve a clog down your pipes, they’re also apt to attack any material that it comes into contact with – including metal (i.e., that of your pipes), rubber gaskets, or other plumbing fittings – causing corrosion build-up on those surfaces. Drain cleaners can also cause damage if used improperly; as such, it’s best to avoid them altogether if possible.

As for the “safe” ingredients found in commercial drain cleaners, those include sodium carbonate peroxide compounds, fatty acids, or anionic surfactants – which are essentially the mildest chemicals designed to eliminate clogs. Even so, these chemicals are no safer than their harsher counterparts – and in some cases, may even be more dangerous (especially if you have a chemical sensitivity).

Risks Of Drain Cleaner

Even though drain cleaners are relatively safe when used in moderation (i.e., by themselves), they should always be handled with care, and certain safety precautions need to be taken to ensure a safe outcome.

You should never mix bleach with any other cleaning chemical; as for chemicals that contain ammonia – they must never be mixed together as well! Keep your drain cleaner solution away from children and pets, as it may cause harm if ingested (especially if the mixture is made from stronger chemicals). Also, remember that both water and electric shock hazards exist whenever plumbing work is being conducted anywhere near a sink or tub!

A Safer Option: Bio Drain Cleaners

A safer option for unclogging your disposal system is the use of natural biodegradable biocidal drain cleaners, available at most home improvement supply stores. These bacteria-based products have been proven to dissolve organic debris and rancid food particles that cling to hard surfaces within the pipes – by simply using a basic biological cleansing process. Our plumbers can help you. 

In addition to their ability to work without harsh chemicals, these types of sewer cleaners also eliminate the need for you to handle messy, odor-causing sludge in order to properly take care of your clog, thus making them much safer than chemical drain cleaners.


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