▷Polybutylene Pipe Plumbing Problems In Denver, CO

Polybutylene Pipe Plumbing Problems In Denver, CO; How To Identify, Cost Of Replacement & More

Polybutylene Pipe Plumbing Problems In Denver, CO

Polybutylene pipe plumbing problems are common in Denver, CO. Polybutylene is a thermoplastic material that was used to make pipes for residential and commercial plumbing systems. The material doesn’t last as long because it can become brittle over time and has a tendency to leak.

If you have polybutylene pipes in your home or business, then this article will help you identify the problem quickly so you can get it repaired before more damage occurs!

Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit

This article will provide information on how to identify polybutylene piping, the costs of the replacement, and what you can do if your pipes are leaking. Polybutylene pipe plumbing problems in Denver, CO have become common because it’s a thermoplastic material that was used for residential and commercial plumbing systems. 

Polybutylene Plumbing Issues

Though experts aren’t certain, it’s thought that a negative reaction with the plastic occurred as a result of chlorine or other oxidants in public water systems. Polybutylene pipe problems are not uncommon and can lead to serious plumbing issues. 

Polybutylene piping is still being used in some homes where the pipes have been installed, but it should be inspected for wear and tear every year. The storage of polybutylene pipes has a dramatic effect on their life expectancy so make sure you store them at room temperature.

How To Identify Polybutylene Pipes; Get A Plumbing Inspection!

Investing in an inspection from Drain Pros Plumbing Denver is encouraged to protect your Denver home. 

Polybutylene pipes can be identified by their distinctive black coloring and they are easily identifiable when you need a new plumbing system. 

Before getting your house inspected, make sure to turn off the water main valve at the street so that no one accidentally turns it on again while plumbers are working in your home. 

How Much Does Polybutylene Pipe Replacement Cost?

An orange poly pipe will run from $500-$1000 per linear foot but prices vary depending on local pricing for labor/materials as well as which company is hired to do the work. The average range of cost for poly piping replacement ranges between $4000-$8000 with some companies charging more than others. Beware of contractors who don’t talk through all aspects.

Plumbing Inspections, Repairs, Replacements & More

Other sorts of common brand pex style pipes have been linked to similar issues. One of the plumbing types of materials that is effective for plumbing replacements is pex piping. Pex pipes are made from Polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene which makes them corrosion resistant, flexible, lightweight, and long-lasting. 

This means they can withstand hot water without leaching toxins into the drinking supply like copper does as well as being more eco-friendly than PVC or CPVC pipes.


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